The Tuza Marketplace

To avoid the trouble of making a private website to sell their wares, businesses are now moving to marketplaces. And how cool the idea is! It’s the one front that buyers run to when they want many items under one roof. Different items from diverse sellers gives buyers an opportunity to compare and contrast offers, and pay online.

Some of the major benefits of joining a marketplace are:

  1. Minimal cost of setting up a business website with different products and services
  2. Connectivity to payment gateways that include major card schemes and mobile money
  3. Access to wider (online) market

Herein lies an opportunity to join our marketplace which offers the chance to sell your business products and services. So if you are one who does trainings, carpentry, artwork etc, is your go-to-website.

We make it better by offering several means of payment, including USSD and WhatsApp platforms all connected to your mobile money line or your bank account.

Even better, is that settlement is determined by the seller as a DIY feature any time after your sale is complete.

To join, click the download link for the subscription form and better still, check out the marketplace:

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